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HILTON HEAD, SC – Watch exactly where you stage! Hilton Head lifeguards warned everyone going to the seashores to watch out for Portuguese guy o’ battle because they will are clean up in incredible numbers.

“We’ve seen a large number of Portuguese man o’ battle washed on the beach today, ” Shore Beach Service submitted on Fb. “They are very colorful creatures, but tend not to touch all of them. ”

The particular post continuing, “Their sting is incredibly painful, and they may sting on the beach. ”

Precisely why so a lot of man o’ war?

Lifeguards are uncertain what provides this bumper crop associated with toxic creatures to Southern Carolina .

“It’s kind of a secret, but this happens every couple of years. Coming from seen more than normal. I believe maybe within the summer time we’ll get five or ten general, ” mentioned lifeguard David Murphy. “But this is definitely greater than wish utilized to. This is certainly an special event. inch

Marine biologists are equally perplexed on the current influx of man o’ war.  

“Usually we’ll see these types of or jellyfish show up in quantities when presently there have been strong thunder storms offshore, yet Really dont know of any recent just offshore storms, inch said Daniel Sasson, Study Scientist with all the Marine Assets Institute . “It is also less common to discover them in vast quantities within the winter season, but certainly not unheard of. ” 


The particular species depends entirely upon the wind flow and the currents, they will can’t propel themselves. Strong onshore winds and thunder or wind storms like hurricanes blow the particular marine creatures onto the seaside. The varieties are often in groups, up to 1, 000 or more, according to NOAA .

They choose tropical and subtropical water but are found in nearly every ocean.

“Sometimes these flowers happen, but it’s not always easy to pinpoint the reason, ” said Sasson.


The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources get reports of the particular man o’ war in the Grand Strand region, as nicely.

“It’s not uncommon to find out them in the beach within South Carolina during winter, yet it does look such as a whole colony stuck on Hilton Head, inch said Erin Weeks from the Marine Resources Division. “Beautiful, interesting animals that are usually fortunately simple to determine and prevent. ”

Exactly what is a Portuguese man o’ battle?

Whatever the cause, the tentacled creatures will certainly leave a good impression in case touched.

“The Portuguese man o’ war is not going in order to need to, yet it’s going to painful, and it’s really going to become uncomfortable and extremely itchy for a while, ” said Tony McEwan, Curator and Marine Biologist at the particular University associated with Hawaii’s Waikiki Aquarium tank , after that added the particular toxin could be deadly to somebody with a good allergy. “Then it gradually, slowly goes away. ”


The Colonial man o’ war, associated to the jellyfish, fire barbs loaded with toxin whenever something brushes against the tentacles. The cells still open fire even if the pet is deceased and washed up on shore.

“These animals are usually some of the very most toxic creatures in the particular world, ” said McEwan. “They’re not so maneuverable pets, so animals has to be immobilized very rapidly. ”

Tentacles trail through a bubble/float with a sail. The animal was so named because it appeared as if an 18th-century Portuguese warship under sail.  

The drift can be a gossamer blue, pink or purple up to six inches long and sits 6 inches above the waterline. They look pretty but don’t touch.

The Hilton Head Shore Beach Service advised lifeguards to gather as many as possible and bury all of them in the sand. Pads have not experienced any recent reports associated with stings.

“Luckily, may small freezing to get people to go in the particular water, o very few stings, ” mentioned Murphy. “Not excessive issue there. inch

How to proceed in the event that you obtain stung

“The general opinion is that will the easiest way to treat it really is carrying out a number of issues, ” stated Sasson.

  • Spray or pour white vinegar to the injury or exactly where they stung you, which helps you to deactivate the energetic firing tissue.
  • Scrape the skin using a credit cards. It gets rid of stinging tissue that have not fired yet.
  • Soak affected skin within warm, nearly warm water. The heat helps you to destroy painful cells which have not terminated yet.
  • Try antihistamine for your itching.

Reports of men o’ war are decreasing following a peak midweek, but nevertheless, keep an eye out plus enjoy from the distance.

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