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Hawaiian Foods

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As snow replaces the fallen results in and wintertime hits all of us like a runaway shipment train, our minds may inevitably walk to the more comfortable months associated with summer’s last. Of course , 1 of the most well-known and postcard-worthy beach locations is The hawaiian islands, which anyone should consider for an oh-so-necessary escape through the chilly. But in the event that you can’t golf swing a vacation perfect away, why not bring the particular flavors of the Aloha State into the own kitchen area ?

I was fortunate sufficient to attend the 12th annual Hawaii Foods and Wine Festival in Maui last October. The three-day occasion featured cooks from worldwide, as well as local talent, as they showcased the meals and drinks that have got made them and their restaurants household names. Through elaborate sit-down meals to a great tasting along Kaanapali’s oceanside Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa (which culminated inside fireworks! ), it was a lengthy weekend great hits, good sips and, most importantly, great memories.

When you have got time and spending budget, I recommend a vacation to Kaanapali Beach Resort — Maui’s 3-mile stretch associated with tropical heaven that features 13 world-renowned resorts, 18 activities ( UFO parasailing plus Teralani’s snorkel and travel cruise are usually personal favorites) and 45 dining choices (many associated with which are located in Whalers Village, the shopping plaza with dozens of high-end stores). But when you’re looking to fulfill that taste of Hawaii now, here are nine components, dishes plus exports recommended by three local chefs: Jayson Asuncion ( Royal Lahaina Resort ), Isaac Bancaco ( Pacific‘o on the particular Beach ) and Lee Anne Wong ( Papa’aina in the Master Inn )

And no, these don’t consist of Hawaiian stereotypes like macadamia nuts (which are really indigenous to Australia) or pineapple-laden garlic bread (they just don’t perform it).

Spam Musubi

Like shaved glaciers and poké, Spam musubi (grilled Junk e-mail on top of a block associated with rice and wrapped in nori) is often associated with Hawaiian food. But as opposed to the past two that have be mainstream among the islands’ tourist traps, Junk mail musubi is really what the particular chefs consume during their off-hours.

“We eat it because it does not spoil — we may bring it to lunch right after making it in the early morning, ” says Bancaco. “It’s delicious, plus we all of grew upward onto it, so it’s a familiar taste. ”

Wong echoes this sentiment, looking up Spam’s recognition to Hawaii’s wartime period, where discontinued items had been “convenient, quick and affordable. ”

“Now, it’s everywhere, ” the girl adds, revealing that the girl 4-year-old child loves the particular dish, especially the “magical, hot plus crunchy” iterations found in 7-Eleven of all areas.

Heavy Seven Bottomfish

7 bottom-feeding seafood make-up some of Hawaii’s most culturally significant ocean finds. As well as the good information is that right now there isn’t any sign of overfishing. Draws include ehu (squirrelfish snapper), gindai (Brigham’s snapper), hapuʻupuʻu (Seale’s grouper or Hawaii grouper), kalekale (Von Siebold’s snapper), lehi (silverjaw snapper), onaga (longtail snapper) and ōpakapaka (pink snapper/crimson jobfish)

“These seafood eat shrimp and smaller fish, plus their diet is very clear, ” says Bancaco. “Because of the beautiful diet, their own flesh will be also excellent. ”

Onaga, in specific, is treasured for the stunning red colorization and delicate taste, which converts well to sashimi dishes.


Once popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s, these barbecue-flavored potato snacks (shaped want french fries) can be found in convenience shops across Hawaii.

“They’re such as a fried chicharrón tossed in soup space, ” raves Asuncion. “You don’t really find it anywhere otherwise. ”

That said, a lot of locals can argue that older iterations were the lot spicier and fluffier than the mainstream types you find right now, so be sure in order to discuss with for what’s considered to end up being probably the most genuine.

Kukui Nuts 

Kukui nuts, otherwise identified as “candlenuts, ” are very nutty, somewhat bitter delicacies that can be pulverized into the powder or even extracted with regard to their oil.

“When roasted, dried and ground, the flesh may be the number a single flavoring element for traditional poké, ” shares Bancaco. “Its extremely nutty flavor adds some depth. ”

Along with its use in meals, kukui is certainly said to get excellent skin-strengthening benefits such as soothing eczema, moisturizing plus reducing facial lines.

Ulu (Breadfruit) 

Breadfruit is becoming quite standard, especially among vegans, in the mainland, however it is rarely offered in all of its maturing stages.

Whenever it’s natural, it’s incredibly starchy plus rarely used in food, but as it yellows plus softens, it can at first be treated like the potato plus served want patatas bravas with a spicy aioli.

“Once it is extremely ripe, we use it intended for desserts. It really is more sweet, extremely delicious and smells like a floral, tropical fresh fruit, ” points out Bancaco.


It might be more of  a good “acquired flavor, ” a minimum of according to Asuncion, but opihi are Hawaii’s limpets that live and grow on beach destination rocks.

“Locals will pry them directly off the rock and slurp the gold-colored mussel, ” he admits that. “It’s a very chewy texture along with an oceanic taste. ”

You may, of course , add soy or even ponzu marinade or even toss them straight into a poké bowl, but that may mask the true taste.

Poi (Taro) 

Wong can be quick to remind vacationers that Hawaii food tradition is rooted within the stable “canoe foods” Polynesians can rely on while taking tours throughout the ocean.

Poi, otherwise known as taro root, has been traditionally “hand-pounded” and blended with water to generate an almost yogurt-like consistency that can be thickened to your liking. It can be consumed immediately because a sweet, light pink and highly nutritious carb or still left to ferment for some added tang as well as the formation of gut-friendly probiotics.

Li Hing Mui

While li hing mui is not really native to the region, the Chinese dried plus salted plum treat is definitely extremely favored by locals. Additionally they conjure upward a little bit of nostalgia.

“When you’re a child , you suck on it, and you might combine it with half the lemon, ” says Bancaco. “You may then pull up the lemon fruit juice after. ”

The special and bitter treat can also end up being purchased inside powder type and sprinkled on everything from clean pineapple to cocktails .

Hawaiian Meat

Don’t sleep on Hawaiian meat.

“It’s not too commercialized, ” claims Asuncion, exactly who claims that will the high quality of grown locally lamb, meat and famous kalua pork is extraordinary because associated with the animals’ high-quality, typically grass-fed diets.

“I love to use ground lamb or even their chops and tenderloins. We furthermore use Maui cattle pertaining to tartare. ”

While the freshest meats will certainly originate from the island alone, companies want Forage plus Kaunamano Farm are delivery specialty cuts towards the continental U. S i9000. so that everybody can enjoy them.

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