The Stars of All Elite Wrestling


All Elite Wrestling has a very talented roster, with both established stars and rising talent. However, this stacked roster can also be a double-edged sword, as it can cause matches to become too predictable and less interesting.

Stars are mostly hired as independent contractors, and they can book other indie shows and supplement their income if they want. AEW isn’t able to provide them with health insurance, but it does offer an incentive for those who are able to work backstage and earn money.

Some of the top superstars in AEW are former WWE Superstars, and they’ve all taken the opportunity to jump ship for the new promotion. But, as with any promotion, some of these former superstars have been more successful than others.

Cody Rhodes, who was the first TNT Champion in AEW, is one of the more popular talents. He’s currently working with a team of young up-and-coming wrestlers, known as the Young Bucks, who are best known for their time in TNA and Ring of Honor.

Jon Moxley, who was a former WWE Champion, has also joined the ranks of AEW. He’s been a fan favorite, and his style of wrestling is different from that of many other wrestlers in the company.

He’s even started using a lot of different gimmicks, and has become an enigma in the AEW ring. He’s also a great storyteller and a fun character to watch.

Darby Allin is another AEW star who’s risen up the ladder quickly, and has a strong reputation among fans and investors alike. He won the TNT Championship in his debut match, and he has continued to advance as a performer and a name within the company.